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Mullahs’ ridiculous lies on Mojahedin

State-owned newspapers of the mullahs’ regime claimed on January 22 and 23, on the basis of instructions from the Ministry of Intelligence, that the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran has been "given the task of protecting the oil fields of Kirkuk in northern Iraq."
The state-owned Ressalat newspaper published this blatant lie in its January 22 issue under the title "New cooperation between the [Mojahedin] and Saddam," while the state-owned Khorassan daily wrote on January 23 that "200 armed individuals of the [Mojahedin Organization] have been deployed to Kirkuk to protect four oil wells"!
Commenting on these claims, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance, reiterated the fact that the Mojahedin have not had any presence in any region or city in northern Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan for the past 12 years.
Mr. Rajavi added: "These lies are nothing but desperate and ridiculous reactions by this regime to revelations by the Iranian Resistance of its secret weapons programs, which include nuclear, biological and chemical arms and missile development projects. This is particularly so, because after the United Nations inspectors arrived in Iraq and began their activities, mullahs’ propaganda on weapons of mass destruction being concealed in Mojahedin camps burst like a bubble. The mullahs’ new lies concerning Kirkuk’s oil fields, churned out with the intention of taking advantage of the current situation in Iraq, will therefore be of no avail for them and will come to nothing, just like what happened in spring 1991. At the time, mullahs’ Revolutionary Guards attacked the Mojahedin in Khanaqin, Jalawla and Mandali regions with 7 brigades and divisions.
Mr. Rajavi said: "The Mojahedin and the Iranian Resistance have never had and do not have anything to do with Kirkuk’s oil fields and any other issue concerning Iraq. They are focused solely on the liberation of the Iranian people and the waters, land, and oil fields of their own homeland. With the support of the Iranian people, they will hold the blood-thirsty, ravaging mullahs to account for every drop of blood and oil wasted in their oppressed homeland under their rule."
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 24, 2003