Sunday, October 18, 2020
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Iran Regime’s Alert in Fear of the Recurrence of the 2009 Uprising

NCRI – The Chief Justice of Iran regime, Sadegh Larijani, expressed his concern about the recurrence of the 2009 uprising on the eve of Presidential Election in Iran, calling for the regime’s security forces to be alert.

Sadegh Larijani delivered a speech at a gathering with other judicial agents. He stated, “It is unlikely that we will experience such incidents again. Nevertheless, the heads of judicatories and the prosecutors should take precautions for any danger. Those who think that they can proceed with their corrupt views against the regime are completely wrong. The heads of judicatories and prosecutors will take measures against them. The heads of judicatories and prosecutors have to cooperate with the Disciplinary Force, so that some will not be able to take the votes or start riots against the regime.”

Larijani added, “The enemy is resolute in his hostility. They might intend to inflict harm on the regime on the eve of the Elections. Therefore, we all have to be ready in order not to let them take any action. In order to prevent crimes, we have to make predictions of any possibilities and we have to develop a single policy in order to deal with such crimes.”