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Human Rights Record Of Ebrahim Raisi: Eyewitness Accounts, Arman Jam

Human Rights record of Ebrahim Raisi: Eyewitness Accounts, Arman Jam

My name is Arman Jam, and I was born in 1962 in Karaj. I was in Karaj when Ebrahim Raisi was its prosecutor. I was active as a supporter of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK). Hereby I testify that my entire family, classmates, mother’s co-workers in the Civil Registry Office of Karaj, and teachers were all tortured or executed by Raisi, who was then Karaj’s prosecutor.
I was only a student supporting the MEK and had no other crime than promoting the MEK’s ideals of democracy and freedom and selling their newspaper.
I was arrested in 1980, and once released, I left Iran. But Raisi and his thugs arrested my entire family and made them suffer, as I would later explain it for you.
But before speaking about my family and what Raisi, the henchman, did to them, I refer to some other cases.
Massoud Chegini was a teacher in Karaj and a MEK supporter. Raisi ordered his execution and had him suffer to death only because he firmly defended the Iranian people’s freedom and justice-seeking ideals.
They executed him by shooting one bullet at a time to his legs or hands, so Massoud Chegini suffered and died in hours. regime agents are vicious criminals, including Raisi. There is no other word to describe them.
One of my mother’s colleagues, Mr. Massoudi, had two sons, one student and another one a university student. They were arrested for supporting the MEK and freedom. Raisi, then prosecutor of Karaj, executed both. Their parents had heart attacks and died when they heard the news of their death.
I Was arrested along with my older brother in September 1981 in Tehran. Once we were released from jail, we left Iran, as we were well known in Karaj.
By order of Raisi, the security forces raided our house and arrested my parents and my two younger brothers. But for what crime? Because their son was a MEK supporter? And that he left Iran?
They asked my parents: Why didn’t you turn your sons in? My two brothers were too young. They detained my mother for a month and tortured her, but she did not tell them anything. Years later, when I spoke with her on the telephone, she only cried. She once told me that one time she had passed out due to tortures, and when she woke up, she was naked in a metal closet filled with water. They had used this device to electroshock her. My mother had various diseases due to these tortures and later suffered from a heart attack and died.
My father was elderly. When he was arrested, they sent him to a concentration camp. He was arrested again on many occasions. Raisi is sadistic and enjoys torture and other inhumane methods. They told my father; we would not let you get out free. They later killed him by injection.
I urge the international community to hold criminals like Raisi accountable. These criminals are the godfathers of all extremists like the Taliban and ISIS. They are the godfather of global terrorism and literally criminals and anti-humanity. The world should know that appeasing this regime would have no outcome but neglecting human dignity. We would continue the justice-seeking movement to the end.