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Iran: If Not Concurrent With Strong Condemnation of Rights Violations and Terrorism, Irish Foreign Minister’s Visit To Tehran Will Be Construed by the Mullahs as a Green Light To Continue Their Crimes


NCRI-50The scheduled visit to Iran by the Irish Foreign Minister happens at a time when more than 70 prisoners, including three women, have been executed since the beginning of this year, at least 40 Baloch protesters were killed by Revolutionary Guards, and over 100 wounded, and many more arrested. Last month, a Belgian court sentenced a regime’s diplomat-terrorist to 20 years in prison, and his three accomplices were sentenced from 15 to 18 years for plotting to bomb a large Iranian gathering in Paris in June 2018.

Rouhani and Zarif, with whom the Irish Foreign Minister is scheduled to meet, have been directly involved in or have justified all these crimes and four decades of crimes against humanity perpetrated by this regime.

If not concurrent with strong condemnation of human rights abuses and terrorism by the regime, diplomatic trips to Iran will be construed by the mullahs as a green light to continue the violations of human rights, the export of terrorism, and warmongering abroad. In practical terms, they would be counter to the Iranian people’s highest interests and to regional peace and tranquility.

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns this trip and urges Irish Parliamentarians and human rights advocates to stop this visit, which emboldens the regime to execute and suppress Iran’s people. All relations with the Iranian regime must be predicated on improvement in human rights and a halt to executions.

National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Foreign Affairs Committee

March 6, 2021