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Iran: Oil And Petrochemical Industries Contract Workers Strike For The Second Week Running


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Strike In 60 Refineries, Petrochemical Centers, And Power Plants In 19 Cities In Iran

Maryam Rajavi saluted the striking workers and called on the youth and workers to support them, saying that the continuation of the strikes and protests signals the public’s resolve to overthrow the clerical anti-labor regime, which is the main cause of poverty, inflation, and unemployment.

The nationwide strike of contract workers in the oil and petrochemical industries, which began on June 19, in protest of low wages and difficult working conditions, entered its second week on Saturday, June 26, 2021. And new groups of workers in various cities and industries are joining the strike.

The contract workers strike has so far extended to refineries, petrochemical industries, power plants, and facilities related to the oil industry in the cities of Tehran, Arak, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Abadan, Mahshahr, Jask, Asaluyeh, Gachsaran, Damavand, Behbahan, Bushehr, Kangan, Qeshm, Kharg, Urmia, Kerman, Bandar Abbas, and Ilam.

The contract workers of Omran Sana’t Petrochemical Company, South Pars Gas Field of Asaluyeh, Sadaf Petrochemical Company of Asaluyeh, “Jahan Pars” Petrochemical Company of Asaluyeh, Payandan Asaluyeh Company, Satrap Sana’t Company of Bushehr Province, Sina Refining Company of Qeshm, Lidoma Company of Bushehr Province, Overhaul of Tehran Oil Refinery, Arak Machinery Company, Tehran Tondgooyan Refinery, Dena Asaluyeh Petrochemical, Jahan Pars Asaluyeh Company, Bidboland Refinery, Behbahan- Phase 13 (Akhtar Phase), South Pars – Bushehr Province, Phase 13 in Kangan, Bidkhoon Refinery, Asaluyeh Abad Project, Qeshm Oil Reservoirs Company, Bushehr Petrochemical, Gachsaran Petrochemical, Marine Operations of Iran-Kharg Oil Terminals Company, Sabalan Petrochemical Firmco Company in Asaluyeh, Bid ten project in Qeshm, Bid-Boland Persian Gulf Project of Behbahan, Jahan Pars Asaluyeh Company – Sazeh division, Butia Steel of Kerman, Isfahan Refinery, Isfahan Refinery Ragby Company, Asaluyeh Petrochemical Phase 14, Parsian Petro Kian (Piping) Company of Bushehr Province, Azar-felez (Structure) Company, Aria Pishro Company (Electricity and Precision Equipment), Urmia Combined Cycle Workers, Butia Steel Company, Dipolymer Company in Assaluyeh Petrochemical Industries, Bid-Boland 2 Mahshahr Project, Absan Refining Company in Isfahan Oil Refinery, Qeshm Farafan Structure Company, Zolal Refinery Contractor of Isfahan, Bandar Abbas Pump House No. 5, Jahan Pars Ilam Contracting, Bid-Khoon Power Plant Isfahan, Kangan Petro Refining Co , AJC Abadan Refinery, Kayson Bandar Jask Company, Jask Oil Tanks, Bustano Asaluyeh Power Plant, Andika Sana’t Asia Company, Damavand Star Oil Group, and Gachsaran Petrochemical have so far joined the strike.

In addition, the staff of the Abadan Oil Refinery staged a protest in solidarity with the contract workers, and the staff of the Ahvaz Ramin Power Plant rallied to protest the non-fulfillment of their demands.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, The President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), saluted the striking workers for protesting for more than a week for their basic rights. She called on all workers and youth to support the strikers. Mrs. Rajavi added that the continuation of strikes and protests by workers and laborers indicate the public’s resolve to overthrow the anti-labor clerical regime. This regime is the main cause of poverty, inflation, and unemployment due to systematic corruption, plundering and wasting public wealth and resources in incitement to war, terrorism, and unpatriotic nuclear and missile projects.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
June 26, 2021