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Iran: Propaganda Maneuvers to Cover Up the People’s Boycott of the Elections; Announcing Fabricated Results


Iran – show elections – No. 4

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As of 5 pm, 9 hours after the start of voting, turnout is still very low, and repeated calls by Khamenei and other regime leaders have not been successful. Reports from the PMOI Social Headquarters inside the country and according to eyewitnesses and journalists, the turnout in Tehran is much lower than in 2020.

According to reports from election officials from some polling stations in Bandar Abbas and the cities of Khuzestan, including Ahvaz, Behbahan, Dezful, and Bagh Malek, to the election headquarters, despite all the fraud, more than 90% of the ballots have not been used by 4 pm and the turnout is much lower than the 2020 elections. Election officials in the districts of Varamin, Qarchak, and Pishva have reported to the election headquarters that only 7% of the ballots have been used by 3 pm.

According to the polling station at the Al-Rasul Mosque in Saadat Abad, Tehran, only 5% of the ballots had been used by 3 pm, and the regime’s Radio and TV reporter who had gone there to prepare a report had to return empty-handed.

The buying and selling of votes in various parts of the country, including Khorramabad, Arak, Bandar Anzali, Ramsar and Lahijan, and Mahshahr, continues at various prices from 5 to 25 million rials. In the course of a conflict between the regime’s gangs, the prosecutor of Marvdasht announced this afternoon that “we have arrested one person on charges of buying and selling votes along with 2000 million rials in cash.”

In another move to fabricate votes, the regime’s election headquarters announced in its 29th announcement that those who are illiterate or unable to write due to a disability can go to one of the polling stations with a literate family member or a trusted person to cast their vote.

According to the regime’s Tehran Network TV, Yousefzadeh, the director general of the Sports and Youth Department of Rey County, said: “The Monafeqin (referring to the PMOI), the enemies and the arrogance (referring to the U.S.) are trying to boycott and prevent anyone from participating.”

Meanwhile, the Cyber Center of the Intelligence Organization of the State Security Force of the Razavi Khorasan announced that “11 Instagram pages that were disturbing public opinion, campaigning against the regime and boycotting the elections were identified and, in addition to being cleaned up and blocked, their operators were also dealt with judicially.” In recent days, dozens of people have been arrested for calling for a boycott of the elections.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

1 March 2024