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Iran Election

On June 18, 2021, the Iranian regime will hold its sham presidential elections. Currently, the Iranian regime is confronted with deep internal and international crises and needs to gain legitimacy to maintain power. We will have a series of articles discussing this sham Presidential election and its importance for the regime.

The nature of elections in Iran is different from democratic countries. The Constitution prevents those elections from adhering to recognized international standards and from reflecting the preferences of the full range of Iran’s societal demographics.

Some of the Articles in the clerical regime’s

constitution regarding elections

  • Article 57 declares that “the legislative branch is under the supervision of the Velayat-e Faqhih (Supreme Leader).” In a 1989 revision of the Constitution, the power of the Supreme Leader was expanded and the system was called the “absolute rule of Velayat-e Faqhih.”
  • Articles 4, 72, 85, 94, and 96 points out that the ratification of any law is conditional upon the approval of the Guardian Council, all of whom have been directly or indirectly appointed by the Supreme Leader.
  • Article 99: “The GC has the responsibility of supervising the elections of the Assembly of Experts for Leadership, the President of the Republic, the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and the direct recourse to popular opinion and referenda.”
  • Article 26 stipulates that political parties must not violate “Islamic laws” and Article 27 allows assembly and gatherings only if “they do not violate Islamic principles and foundations.” Accordingly, no opposition group can exist within the country and as such, no opposition is participating in the current elections. In other words, this is an election only within the established regime and among those loyal to the system.