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Heinous Execution of Kamran Rezaei, a Leading Figure in the November 2019 Uprising in Shiraz, Marks the Fifth Political Prisoner To Be Executed by the Regime’s Judiciary Under the Shadow of the Gaza War Within a Week

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On Thursday, November 30, criminal agents of Khamenei carried out the hanging of 33-year-old Kamran Rezaei, who had been at the forefront of the November 2019 uprising in Shiraz. After four years of imprisonment and torture, he met his end as retribution for the killing of a Basiji militia member in Adelabad Prison. Following his arrest in November 2019, he spent seven months in solitary confinement and endured the tortures inflicted by Khamenei’s brutal interrogators to extract forced confessions.

During the week from November 23 to November 30, he became the fifth political prisoner to be executed under the regime’s judiciary’s orders, all amid the tumult of the Gaza war.

Milad Zohrevand, a participant in the 2022 uprising in Malayer; Ali Saber Motlaq, a longtime supporter of the MEK; Ayoub Karimi, a fellow Sunni Kurd; Hani Alboushahbazi, an Arab compatriot; and Kamran Rezaei are among the champions who have been executed within the same week.

In addition to political prisoners, on Wednesday, November 29, the regime’s judiciary executed eight other prisoners, including three individuals named Baqer Mohammadi, Keyumars Rezaei, and Vahid Eslami. Consequently, the number of executed prisoners in the past nine days has reached at least 37.

The Iranian Resistance once again emphasizes the urgent need for the United Nations Security Council to take immediate action to stop the killing machine of the clerical regime and save the lives of prisoners, especially political prisoners, under imminent execution. It also calls for an international fact-finding mission to visit Iranian prisons and meet with the prisoners.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

December 1, 2023