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Iran: 27 executed including women and teenagers executed in 2 weeks

Five were hanged in public in the cities of Ghaemshahr, Ilam and Dehdasht

NCRI – The clerical regime of Iran executed 27 prisoners including one woman and two youngsters, 18 and 23 years of age in two recent weeks in various cities of Iran. Five of them including 2 youngsters were hanged in public in Ghaemshahr, Ilam and Dehdasht.

Mehr news agency affiliated with the Iranian Intelligence Ministry reported on September 14 that the 18 year old prisoner, who had been arrested at the age of 17, was hanged in the northern city of Ghaemshahr on September 14. Three weeks prior to this, another adolescent, who had been arrested at the age of 12, was hanged following enduring six years of imprisonment in Dizel-abad prison in Kermanshah, a western city of Iran.

Three other prisoners were executed in a group in Aligoodarz prison in Lorestan province of western Iran on September 15. On September 12, three more were executed in public in the city of Dehdasht in Kohgilooyeh province and another one in Darab prison. On September 11, two prisoners were hanged in Kemanshah, and six others including a woman were killed in a mass execution in the city of Oroomieh on September 10 while two other prisoners were hanged in Shahrood on the same day.

Between September 3 and 8, three prisoners in Lakan prison of Rasht and two prisoners in Dastgerd prison of Isfahan were executed and a young man of 23 years old, who spent five years in jail, was hanged in public in Imam-Hossein Square of Ilam. During the same period, a prisoner by the name of Younes Asadi in the prison of Sanandaj, one more in the prison of Gachsaran and another one in the Karoon prison of Ahwaz city were all executed.

In fear of the rising protests and its definite overthrow, the befalling clerical regime of Iran is resorting to various means of suppression inside Iran including waves of mass executions in the streets of various cities across the country. The regime also has in its agenda the massacre of the members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Ashraf who inspire the Iranian people and youth who are at their wits’ end with this regime. No doubt, this will only intensify the Iranian people’s abhorrence towards the broken regime of Khamenei.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 16, 2013