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Iran: A New Notorious Prosecutor Assigned for Tehran

Iran: A New Notorious Prosecutor Assigned for Tehran

Ebrahim Raissi, criminal Chief Justice of the mullahs’ regime, dismissed Tehran’s prosecutor Jaffari Dolatabadi, included in the US Treasury and EU sanctions’ list, on Monday April 29, replacing him with another henchman named Ali Alghassi-Mehr, formerly chief justice of Fars province since September 2014, and Shiraz’ prosecutor before that for three years.

After listing of the IRGC as a foreign terrorist entity by the US State Department, Alghassi-Mehr announced that “he was an IRGC member too”. During the December 2017 uprising, he played a repressive role calling those taking part in the uprising enemies and hoodlums, threatening that “those who would engage in chaos on pretext of civil protests and disturb public order would be dealt with according to the law…Known outlaws who have grasped the occasion to instigate anti-regime activities against the public order are under full security control… The public should be aware of the anti-revolutionary hoodlums inside and outside the country. There would be no hesitation to deal with such cases…” (Mehr news agency – January 2, 2018 )

Alghassi-Mehr said a few weeks later: “Those arrested during the festivities of the last Wednesday of the year would remain in custody till the end of New Year holidays, and no permission would be granted for ceremonies to be held in Persepolis and Passargad.” (Mehr news agency- March 10, 2018).

The mullahs’ regime new prosecutor for Tehran had issued arrest warrants for truck drivers on nationwide strike and, announcing the arrest of 35 drivers, had added: “The law permits punishing those who disturb security on Fars’ highways as outlaws and corrupted on earth.” (Mehr news agency – September 28, 2018).

One of Algahssi-Mehr’s latest crimes as chief justice in Shiraz was the secret execution of two 17-year old juveniles and flogging them before execution. Announced for the first time by Amnesty International, the execution was qualified as a shocking crime against all known human, Islamic and human rights rules by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. She added: “The civilized world, UN, UNSC, and UN HumanRights Council must condemn the atrocious killing of juveniles in Iran, a product of Khamenei’s Judiciary headed by the murderous mullah, Ebrahim Raisi, a Death Committee member in charge of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
1 May 2019