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Iran: Call for protest against death sentence for political prisoner Mohammad-Ali Taheri


NCRI – The Iranian Resistance calls on all human rights defenders and pertinent UN bodies to protest the retrial of political prisoner Mr. Mohammad-Ali Taheri and his subsequent condemnation to death.

The announcement of this criminal sentence on July 29 and the execution of 22 prisoners, including two women, and three public hangings, merely from July 27 till July 30 are happening concurrent with visits by senior European officials to Iran. These measures demonstrate that the criminal mullahs are unable to sustain their infamous rule for a single week or even a day without resorting to executions, torture and suppression and that their relations with the West encourages and emboldens them to continue to ramp up the suppression of Iranian people.

Political prisoner Mohammad-Ali Taheri who has been in prison for four years, has been condemned to death on the mullahs’ fabricated charge of “corruption on earth by misleading people” while he had been previously condemned to five years in prison and a fine of 9 billion Rials plus 74 lashes for ludicrous charges such as “insulting the sanctities; illicit usage of scientific titles (doctor and engineer); writing misleading books and articles” (Mizan News Agency, affiliated with regime’s judiciary – July 29).

And now, as Mr. Taheri’s prison term is coming to an end, the regime’s henchmen have retried and condemned him to death.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 31, 2015


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