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Iran: Execution of 11 Prisoners, Including Two Women, on Saturday, May 18


NCRI logoOn Saturday, May 18, Ali Khamenei’s executioners brutally hanged 11 prisoners, including two women. In his fear of uprising and overthrow, Khamenei has crossed all boundaries of savagery and cruelty.

Fatemeh Abdollahi in Neishabur prison and Parvin Mousavi in Urmia prison were executed. This brings the total number of executed women in the past 18 days to six.

On Thursday, May 16, the women prisoners in Urmia Central Prison protested and clashed with prison guards to prevent the transfer of Parvin Mousavi to solitary confinement for execution.

Today, May 18, five more prisoners—Yousef Saeedi, Ramin Lavandpoor, Parviz Ghasemi, Mansour Naseri, and a prisoner named Jebeli in Urmia; Asghar Hajizadeh, Kaveh Bashangar, and another prisoner in Salmas Prison; and Ramin Saadat, 20, who was under 18 at the time of his crime, in Miandoab Prison—were sent to the gallows.

On May 16, a prisoner named Naser in Tabriz and on May 15, Jafar Aslani in Qazvin Prison were executed.

On May 17, a state media outlet called “Aparat – Harf Now” quoted the “Director of the Sociology Group of the Iranian Sociological Association,” stating that in Iran, “the execution rate is ten times that of the apartheid regime in South Africa. From the 1950s to the last decade of the 20th century, 46 years of apartheid… had 2,500 executions. In these few years, we have had 25,000, ten times as many…”

Ignoring the wave of executions and continuing to trade and negotiate with the Iranian regime is a trampling of democratic and human rights values. The Iranian Resistance once again calls on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Human Rights Council, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, as well as the European Union and its member states, to take action to save the lives of prisoners on death row, especially political prisoners and women. Continued political and economic relations with this regime should be conditional on the cessation of executions and killings, and the regime’s leaders should be brought to justice.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

18 May 2024