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Iran: Anniversary of the November Uprising – Targeting Clerical Regime’s Centers of Repression and Plunder

In the early hours of Friday, November 20, and Saturday, November 21, 2020, coinciding with the anniversary of the November Uprising, the defiant youths targeted the clerical regime’s repression and plundering centers in Tehran, Khorramabad, Isfahan, and Tonekabon, and set fire to their entrances and front signs.
These centers include:
– Center for the clerical regime’s suppression and promotion of terrorism in Tehran
– Repressive Basij Center in Tonekabon
– Safiran Seminary – Center for suppression and promotion of the clerical regime’s terrorism
– Center for plunder, known as “Khomeini Relief Committee,” in Khorramabad
– Anti-people mobilization center in Isfahan

Yesterday, defiant youths also torched Khamenei’s large banner in Tehran.

These actions have been taking place while the repressive State Security Forces and other regime security organs are on full alert.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
November 22, 2020

Tehran-Center for repression and expanding terrorism – November 21, 2020

Tonekabon – The repressive Basij center – November 21, 2020

Tehran – Torching Khamenei’s banner – November 21, 2020

Khorramabad – Center for plunder, known as the Khomeini’s Relief Committee- November 20, 2020

Isfahan= Center for the repressive Basij- November 20, 2020