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Iran: Clerical Regime Frantically Mobilizes To Prevent Recurrence of Isfahan Uprising


NCRI logoRegime Officials Express Paranoia Over a Repeat of November Uprising

Today, the clerical regime tried to prevent the farmers and people of Isfahan to stage a new uprising, by frantically mobilizing the Revolutionary Guards, the intelligence agents, and the State Security Force (SSF) as well as dispatching units of Basij paramilitary agents from different cities to Isfahan.

As of this morning, traffic was banned on the highway leading to Zayandeh Rud River and the surrounding streets, and no one was allowed to enter the streets around the Si-o-se-pol and Khajoo bridges. All main and auxiliary routes to the Zayandeh Rud River were also closed. Since this morning, SSF helicopters have been flying over the area, and Special Forces units have been deployed at intersections, preventing anyone from taking photos and videos, and in some cases, confiscating people’s cell phones and checking the photos and videos inside.

According to Tasnim news agency, yesterday, Isfahan’s Deputy Prosecutor “warned about possible protests in the coming days and said: “Any rallies will be dealt with.” While exposing the regime’s fear of an uprising similar to November 2019, he also warned against “attacks on properties … by dissidents and the possibility of activists again destroying and injuring… the security forces.”

Mohammad Sadegh Abtahi, the executive director of the regime’s mosques in Isfahan, openly banned the already-scheduled prayer congregation on the Zayandeh Rud riverbed. He said: “Given the recent campaign calling for a prayer congregation on Zayandeh Rud riverbed, and the dubious goals of the enemy in creating insecurity for society, I announce that no legal authorities have made any plans to hold prayers in the Province, especially in the city of Isfahan.”

Khamenei’s criminal representative in Qom dismissed all the rhetoric from the regime’s officials expressing bogus sympathy with Isfahan’s farmers, saying, “The water crisis is the sedition of the vindictive enemies.” Ahmad Alam al-Huda, Ebrahim Raisi’s father-in-law and Khamenei’s representative in Mashhad, also called the Isfahan protesters “enemy mercenaries.” The statements by the regime officials reveal the regime’s widespread fear of the people of Isfahan’s uprising, and it’s spread to other cities.

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December 3, 2021