Monday, June 17, 2024
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Widespread Electoral Boycott By 93% Of Tehran’s Populace, As Per Official Government Statistics


NCRI logoDespite fervent calls for participation in the secondary phase of parliamentary elections, the Khamenei regime was met with unprecedented sanctions, emblematic of a determined public, and underscored a profound rebuke from the Iranian populace.

Notwithstanding meticulous statistical manipulation and electoral irregularities, the final vote tally for Greater Tehran’s electoral district, as announced by the Ministry of Interior earlier today, stands at 552,644 ballots. This figure, constituting a mere 7% in comparison to the eligible voter base within this constituency (as reported by the Ministry of Interior during the initial round of elections, totaling 7,775,357 individuals), reflects a staggering 93% boycott rate in Tehran. The situation in some other cities presents an even graver outlook.

Digging deeper into these statistics, it is clear that the leading candidate in Tehran, with 271,094 votes, commands a mere 3.48% of the eligible voter demographic, while the last candidate, with 198,835 votes, garners a scant representation of 2.5%.

The resounding message of the Iranian people conveyed through the parliamentary elections of March and May 2024, reiterates the foundational ethos of the Iranian Resistance: “My vote is for overthrow; there is no room for electoral theatrics within this regime; it is time for a revolution.”

Meanwhile, internal regime factions are waging war over the takeover of the new parliament presidency, which Khamenei has thoroughly purged of “outsider” elements and replacing them entirely with his loyalists. Figures such as Abolfazl Zahrehvand (a former terrorist in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan) and Zohreh Lajevardi (the daughter of a notorious executioner) are among them.

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