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Iran: Executive Orders of Commander of Fatah Operational Headquarters, IRGC Greater Tehran Protection Corps to Two Security Units and Five Basij Bases

The National Council of Resistance of Iran – Committee on Security and Counterterrorism
The National Council of Resistance of Iran – Committee on Security and Counterterrorism

Number 8

  • NCRI logo No IRGC guard should leave Tehran. All leave is canceled. All battalions should be prepared for call-to-action. All shifts, night-shift officials, and units should be on alert. All forces, from cadres to Basij forces, should use approved clothing or covers.
  • Make targeted arrests. Clean graffiti and slogans and identify their writers. Register the addresses of houses and buildings where disruptive slogans are heard and submit them to this base’s intelligence deputy.

Document no. 9 [The document has been shortened without changing the content]

Date: October 23, 2022

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Highly Confidential
To: The following recipients
From: Commander of Fatah operational base [Greater Tehran Defense Corps]
Subject: Ordering missions on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (October 23, 24, and 25, 2022)

Implement and comply with the following issues based on the order of the honorable commander of the Great Tehran IRGC in a video conference on October 22, 2022.

Executive order:

Imam Reza security unit

  • All cadres should be on duty at 7:30 and ready for deployment.
  • A battalion of 30 motorcycles must be deployed at the specified locations at 10:30 and stay on the mission until 1330.
  • At 1600, implement the call and prepare three battalions with 30 motorcycles to carry out the mission as of 16:30 at the main squares and intersections and demonstrate power at different locations.
  • The called-in battalions should patrol and demonstrate power using ten two-up riding motorcycles while wearing anti-riot gear.
  • All forces should be ready and carry out their duty as Tharallah patrols.
  • Activate checkpoints at the agreed points with the operation of the Tehran Revolutionary Guards from 2100 to 2400 hours.
  • Ensure the readiness of motor patrols of your battalions, personnel, motorcycle, and equipment.
  • Cooperate with FATEB [the Farsi acronym for the State Security Force Command] forces [Greater Tehran Police Command] on the scene.
  • Be ready to call all the official and Basij forces at any time of the day or night.

Imam Sajjad’s security unit

  • Take action regarding the operational control of the Quds garrison and make the necessary preparations to carry out the mission effectively.

Basij resistance bases: Hamzah, Meghdad, Habib, Muslim, and Abu Dhar

  • All cadres should be ready to be called at any hour of the day and night and be prepared to be dispatched to the mission.
  • Be prepared to be summoned and prepare a battalion with 40 motorcycles from 16:00 with complete anti-riot equipment. Make them ready to carry out the mission from 16:30 in the main squares and intersections and show strength from center to center.
  • [Basij] Resistance Bases should be on alert in their place from 17:00 and make sure of the Implementation of intelligence and operational patrols and Razavioun from 18:00 to 24:00.
  • Regarding the patrols from center to center in your designated main roads and squares, arrange two patrols of four motorcycles in each area of resistance, two-time times from 1800 to 2100 and from 2100 to 2400 by coordinating with this headquarters.
  • Monitor the security area by activating the information patrol with the formation of a vehicle and motorcycle from 24:00 to 04:00 hours. Clean the graffiti and identify the graffiti writers.
  • Conduct inspections in all priority points of your designated areas from 21:00 to 24:00.
  • Brief the forces about the graffiti writers, and after collecting evidence, call 110 and report.
  • In case there is a need to arrest someone, employ the intelligence elements and pursue the arrest without attracting attention.
  • Brief all the forces so as not to pursue the cars that run away from the inspection.
  • Send the report of checkpoints and inspections to this headquarters.

Intelligence Deputy:

  • Send reports or news regarding monitoring and intensifying intelligence measures within the camp’s jurisdiction and assign them without delay.
  • Control thugs and conduct psychological operations.
  • Make targeted arrests.
  • Record the license plate numbers of vehicles constantly protesting and causing trouble by honking.
  • Register every apartment and residential house, etc., where people were chanting (get the full address).

Operation Deputy

  • Brief all officials responsible for the operations of ranks under the operational control of the headquarters
  • Set up the command post from 10:00 on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Technical Committee:

  • Make necessary preparations to coordinate with IRGC’s Tehran technical committee.
  • Make the necessary arrangements with organizations under operational control to support the mission.
  • Make the necessary coordination with the regions’ municipalities regarding cleaning anti-regime slogans.

Inspection and Quality control:

  • Supervise how the mission is carried out and send the report to the command

Deputy of Safety and Security Measures:

  • Implement and report compliance status monitoring with safety and security considerations during the mission.

FAWA Deputy [Information and Communication Technology]:

  • Regarding predicting multiple communication layers, be prepared to establish continuous, secure, and multi-layered communications.
  • Follow up on the activation of VIP mobile phone lines.
  • Connect the city CCTVs to the monitoring room of the Fatah camp.

Coordination commands:

  • No IRGC force should leave Tehran.
  • All shifts, night-shift officials, and units should be on alert.
  • All battalions should be ready for a call to action.
  • All leave is canceled.
  • This camp is responsible for the security of the Ekbatan district, so all commanders should be ready to dispatch troops to the designated location according to the order.
  • Activate your intelligence teams and continuously monitor your neighborhoods and areas.
  • All forces, including cadres and Basij, should wear approved clothing or covers.
  • In case of arresting the wrongdoers, hand them over to Tehran’s IRGC Intelligence Organization in coordination with this headquarters’ intelligence deputy.
  • Take the necessary protective measures to safeguard the relevant headquarters (barracks, district headquarters, battalion headquarters, Basij bases and areas, and buildings and centers related to the IRGC).
  • Strengthen the intelligence and operational patrols around the classified places and facilities and be prepared to defend and protect the abovementioned places.
  • The use of firearms in defending subordinate military centers and headquarters (barracks, district headquarters, Basij bases, and buildings and places related to the IRGC) is per the promulgated regulations.
  • Due to the possibility of launching explosive packages and heavy objects from the bridges, take necessary actions.
  • Register the addresses of houses and buildings where anti-regime slogans were heard and report them to the intelligence deputy of this base for judiciary measures.
  • Other orders will be communicated depending on the situation and time conditions.

Signed: IRGC Colonel Reza Garshasabi-Commander of IRGC’s Fatah Operation Base of Mohammad Rasulullah Headquarters in Tehran


Imam Reza’s security unit

Imam Sajjad’s security unit

Basij resistance bases: Hamzah, Meghdad, Habib, Muslim, and Abu Dhar



National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Security and Counterterrorism Committee

October 28, 2022