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Iran: Strike by Marketers and Shopkeepers in Two Western Cities


Iran Uprising – No. 139

The marketers and businessmen in Baneh (in Kurdistan province) and Javanrood (in Kermanshah province) went on strike on Sunday, April 15, in protest at the closure of border crossing and border markets and rising customs tariffs.

The Baneh strikers then marched to the governorate office. The people of Baneh, in a symbolic act, spread tablecloths on various streets to protest the dire situation of their livelihood and business. During these protests, one of the intelligence agents of the regime was punished after he fired into the air to disperse the protesters.

By closing border crossings, the mullahs’ regime has denied the deprived porters of their only way for livelihood, and seeks to further extort from them by imposing more pressures. This has led to a recession in the market and high unemployment rates. This is despite the fact that due to the destruction of the country’s industries and economy, there are no grounds for employment in these areas, and a wide range of people make their living by working as border porters or retail sale. According to the regime’s leaders, more than 68,000 porters are working in border regions, including 10-year-old children, aged women and men, and university students and graduates. While they face a variety of dangers, such as the shooting of IRGC forces and border guards, falling from the mountains and freezing due to frost and beneath the avalanche, they earn only 30 to 50 thousand tomans ($ 5- $ 9) for each time they carry load.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 15, 2018