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Iran: The Nationwide Uprising Spread to 154 Cities; In the First Ten Days, 200 Killed and 10,000 Detained


Iran Protest-No. 18

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The names of 17 more martyrs published

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) published the names of 17 more martyrs of the Iranian people’s uprising against the religious fascism ruling Iran. The names of other victims will be published after verification. In the first 10 days, the nationwide uprising spread to 154 cities. The number of martyrs has exceeded 200, and the number of people arrested has exceeded 10,000.

The dimensions of the arrests are such that the regime’s officials and media have no choice but to admit it to some extent. On September 24, Tasnim news agency affiliated with the Terrorist Quds Force, quoting Azizollah Maleki, the commander of the regime’s State Security Force (SSF) in Gilan province, reported the arrest of 739 protesters, including 60 women. He said: “In the early hours of these events, 104 Gilan police personnel were injured in the clashes, and several of the Force’s vehicles, motorcycles, and emergency vehicles were damaged.”

On September 23, the state-run Mashreq newspaper quoted Hossein Hosseinpour, the deputy commander of the SSF in Gilan province, reporting the arrest of 211 people who “disregarded the police warnings and intended to lead the protests and disrupt public order and security.” He added, “they were dealt with firmly.”

On September 25, Noor News quoted Mohammad Karimi, the regime’s prosecutor in Sari, as saying that 450 people had been arrested in Mazandaran in the past few days. He said: “During the past few days, in some parts of Mazandaran, under the direction of foreign counter-revolutionary agents, they attacked government buildings and… damaged them… they attacked the security forces and SSF and injured more than 76 people.”

On September 25, State-run TV quoted the regime’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi, as saying: “We expect the judicial system to deal with the main perpetrators and leaders of these disturbances in a legal, decisive, quick and instructive way.”

On September 25, state-run TV reported: “In the past days, rioters damaged 240 branches of state banks. They destroyed 240 ATM branches and set fire to 11 bank branches.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

September 26, 2022

First Name Last name City Date
1 Pouya Sheida Urmia 21-Sep-22
2 Mehdi Leilazi Karaj 22-Sep-22
3  Mehrab Najafi Zarinshahr 21-Sep-22
4 Arash Pahlavan Mashhad 21-Sep-22
5 Mohsen Malmir Nowshahr 21-Sep-22
6 Hedieh Naimani Nowshahr 23-Sep-22
7 Saeed Iranmanesh Kerman 21-Sep-22
8 Abolfazl Akbaridost Langrod 21-Sep-22
9 Erfan Khazaei Shahriar 21-Sep-22
10 Mehdi Babrnejad Qochan 21-Sep-22
11 Roshana Ahmadi Bukan 21-Sep-22
12 Abolfazl Mehdipour Babol 21-Sep-22
13 Mohammad Hassan Turkaman Amol 21-Sep-22
14 Abdolsalam Galawani Oshnavieh 26-Sep-22
15 Hossein Ali Kia Nowshahr 21-Sep-22
16 Mohsen Pazuki Pakdasht, Varamin 22-Sep-22
17 Mohammad Rasoul Momenizadeh Rasht 22-Sep-22