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Iran: Torturing Prisoners of Uprising in Tehran Prison, Repeat of Crimes Committed in Kahrizak Prison in 2009


Iran Protest-No. 51

NCRI logoUrgent call for the release of political prisoners and those arrested during the uprising, visit of the international delegation to Iran’s prisons

Since the beginning of the nationwide uprising in Iran, the Judiciary has transferred at least 2,000 detainees to the 6th Brigade of Greater Tehran Penitentiary. Many of them have serious injuries due to severe beatings by the agents or being hit by pellet bullets and need urgent and specialized treatment; but, not only are they not treated, but they face torture and their lives are in serious danger.

The Great Tehran Penitentiary or Fashafouyeh is one of the most notorious and largest prisons, which covers an area of ​​110 hectares and is located 32 kilometers south of Tehran. This prison lacks minimum living and health facilities. The regime transfers political prisoners to this prison to persecute them. Upon arrival, the prisoner is severely beaten and humiliated. Prisoners who are sick in this prison are doomed to a gradual death.

The Iranian Resistance once again calls for the United Nations, the Human Rights Council, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and human rights organizations to take immediate actions to secure the release of the prisoners and underscores the need to set up an international mission to visit the prisons and meet with the prisoners, especially the political prisoners.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

October 12, 2022