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Iran’s nationwide uprising – Day 79


Iran Protest – No. 169

NCRI logoNationwide uprisings, protest rallies in Tehran and various cities

On Saturday, December 3, the 79th day of the uprising, locals in the Tarbiat Modarres subway in Tehran chanted, “death to the dictator” and “Mullahs must get lost”. Students in Tehran, Kharazmi Karaj and Kurdistan University in Sanandaj staged their sit-ins and strike. Karaj campus students of Kharazmi University started a protest about food poisoning and chanted, “They poison students and they justify it”. Students of Al-Zahra University on November 23, students of Isfahan University of Technology on November 28, students of Arak University of Technology on November 30, and students of Kharazmi University on December 3 suffered severe food poisoning.

On Saturday evening, brave women in Haft Hoz Narmak, Tehran, staged their protests with the slogans “Khamenei is a murderer, he should be executed,” “Pledge to our fallen comrades, we remain steadfast to the end,” “Long live the resistance from Khash to Mahabad,” and “For every fallen person, one thousand will rise”. Residents in the Ekbatan neighborhood protested in the street with the slogan “Death to Khamenei, damned be Khomeini”. Also, chants of “Bloodthirsty Khamenei, we will bury you” were heard from buildings in the area. In the Sattar Khan district, people staged a nightly protest by lighting fire and chanting, “Poverty, corruption, and high prices; We shall carry on until the overthrow of the regime,” and “Death to the dictator (referring to Ali Khamenei) “. A street protest rally was held on Tehran’s Ferdows Boulevard with the slogans “Fight! and we shall fight back,” and “From Zahedan to Tehran, I sacrifice my life for Iran.” Chants of”Death to the dictator,” was also echoed from buildings in Tehran’s Sohrevardi district.

Defiant youths in Jiroft (Central Iran) and Yazd set state-installed banners on fire.

Detainees’ families began a sit-in outside the regime’s courthouse in Abdanan on Saturday, December 3. The State Security Forces (SSF) attacked them and beat the young daughter of one of the detainees.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

December 4, 2022