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Tehran University demonstrators chant “Death to Khamenei”

Tehran University demonstrators chant|"Death to Khamenei"June 2010 Uprising – 14

NCRI – Tehran University students chanted “Death to Khamenei” in their demonstration today. This protest was held on the anniversary of bloody raid of the clerical regime’s suppressive forces on the dormitory of the University of Tehran at midnight, June 14. The students carried pictures of their slain comrades and attack on the University dormitory. Regime’s suppressive forces attacked students brutally in order to disperse them but the protest that started at 15:00 by hundreds of students of Technical College of the university lasted for hours.

A number of students coming from the university dormitory in the Amirabad Street tried to join the protesters in front of the Technical College. They clashed with the regime’s agents who prevented them from entering the university.

In an organized raid on the dormitory of Tehran University at midnight of June 14, 2009, the agents of the mullahs’ Intelligence and plainclothes murderers attacked defenseless students savagely and killed a number of them including Fatemeh Barati, Mina Ehterami, Shalir Khezri, Kasra Sharifi, Kambiz Shoaii, Iman Namazi and Mohsen Imani. During this brutal attack, more students were wounded and arrested and the dormitory suffered damages.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 14, 2010