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Traders and Bazaar Merchants in 4 Cities Go On Strike

Ahvaz – Pensioners’ demonstration

NCRI logoPensioners Continue Protest Rallies in 5 Cities

Arak Bazaar continued its fourth day of strike today, Wednesday, June 15. Bazaar merchants in Fasa and Ilam closed shop this morning and staged demonstrations. In Shiraz, auto parts vendors closed their shops in protest of high prices and heavy taxes.

Several bakeries in Sirjan (Kerman province) closed shop due to the high price of wheat. Signs on their shops stated that they are not able to bake bread at the official price due to the high price of wheat. Moinuddin Saeedi, a member of the regime’s parliament, acknowledged on June 17 that the Raisi government had earned more than $ 9 billion by cutting subsidies for basic goods to ordinary people, leading in turn to a sharp rise in the price of bread and basic goods.

Pensioners continued their nationwide protests for the tenth day in Ahvaz, Dorud, Shush, and Shushtar. They chanted “Death to Raisi”, “We shall fight to get our rights back”, “Deceitful government! Give us our rights back”, “Government has no budget, it is bilking us”, “Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, the oppressed are here.”

Pensioners of the nationwide banking network also staged a protest outside the Bank employees’ Pension Fund building in Vanak Square in Tehran to protest their low salaries.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

June 15, 2022

Ahvaz – Pensioners’ demonstration
Ahvaz – Pensioners’ protest rally
Ilam – Demonstrations of bazaars merchants and traders
Fasa – Bazaar on strike; marketers march
Shiraz – Strike of car spare parts sellers
Sirjan – Closure of some bakeries due to high price of flour
Tehran – Bank network pensioners protest
Shush – Pensioners’ protest rally
Doroud – Pensioners’ protest rally