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Two Detained Protesters Martyred in Prison by Interrogators and Torturers


Iran Uprising -No. 43

Regime admits the number of arrestees amounted to 3,700, many of them under torture

Sina Ghanbari, a 22 year old youth, who was arrested during the nationwide uprising was martyred by the mullahs’ regime’s torturers in the Evin Prison. The regime’s agents, in fear of public reaction to this brutal crime, ridiculously claimed that Sina Ghanbari had committed suicide in prison.

In yet another event, Vahid Heidari, a poor vendor who was arrested during the Arak uprising, was killed by baton strikes. The Central Province police claimed in a similar lie: “This person has been arrested on charges of carrying narcotics and has committed suicide in the detention center of police station 12 of Arak” (Jahan San’at daily, January 7).

Thousands of other prisoners are in difficult and uncertain conditions in different prisons, many of them under brutal torture. Some other detainees are said to have been martyred under torture.

The mullahs’ regime’s intention of these anti-human crimes is to put out the flames of the uprising; an attempt that has already been defeated. Referring to the protesters, Khamenei said today, “The enemy’s agents will not give up”. This is at a time when Jaafari, the IRGC commander, announced last week that the uprising has ended. Rouhani also claimed that the uprising would diminish within two days (news media – January 4th).

Today, Tuesday, January 9th, Mahmoud Sadeghi, a member of Majlis, acknowledged: “3700 people were arrested during the protests.” He added, “Different figures have been presented to the Majlis representatives by various institutions regarding the arrest of students during recent protests. Therefore, we cannot provide accurate statistics on the arrest of students. “

These crimes, on the one hand, increase the resolve of the protesters to overthrow the ruling religious fascism in Iran, and, on the other hand, it doubles the need for urgent international action to confront the continuation of crime against humanity by the mullahs. Iran’s ruling criminals should be rejected from the international community and be held accountable for their crimes.

The Iranian Resistance calls on all the Iranian people, especially the youth, to protest against the crimes of the mullahs’ regime, especially in prisons, and to support the families of martyrs and prisoners, and calls on the High Commissioner for Human Rights to set up a fact-finding mission to investigate into the situation of prisons and political prisoners, especially those arrested during the recent uprising, and provide for their unconditional release.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 9, 2018