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Workers’ Protests Against Iran Regime’s Officials Across the Country


Iran Uprising – No. 77

Speech of Ali Rabiee, Rouhani’s Minister of Labour, in the ceremony of February 12, in Qa’em Shahr, was interrupted by the protest of a retired worker against the regime. The furious worker interrupted Rabiee’s speech and, addressing him and other regime agents, said: “We have been working hard for 37 years, we did a revolution, our revolution went to the hands of the unjust, they came using the name of Islam, and there is no one to hold them accountable. I get a salary of one million and a five hundred thousand tomans ($300) , with four family members, I buy my own medicines, social security says, it’s not our commitment … The representatives who are gabbling here … We say no to lip service! … Every day they give us hollow promises.

The intelligence agents repeatedly tried to silence the worker, but he continued. The henchman Ali Rabiee, who has been the deputy minister of intelligence and among the highest security elements and suppressor of the workers for many years, first tried to silence him with deception, but the poor worker ignored. Rabiei responded shamelessly to this worker who said that he was eating bread and cheese for 37 years, by saying “What do you think we eat? We eat the same bread and cheese.”

In Rafsanjan, the deprived and unemployed workers scolded the regime with their protests. An elderly worker, shouted at government agents and speakers, and asked: “W did you do for the unemployed?” Another worker said there were 14,000 unemployed people in the city. A group of Revolutionary Guards went to the participants to prevent protesters from approaching the stage. The regime’s agents used loud music to prevent hearing and spreading of the protests.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 13, 2018