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Agents of Iranian regime attack Iranian dissidents in Paris

Agents of Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry resort to knife-wielding, brutality against Iranian dissidents in Paris
MOIS fails in bid to hold meeting as a number of its operatives are arrested

NCRI – Today, the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) failed miserably in its bid to hold a meeting in Fiap building in Paris, which was to have brought together a number of its operatives in France and other European countries. The police cancelled the meeting and arrested several MOIS agents.

When asked a few questions by a number of Iranian dissidents before the meeting, the MOIS operatives, using knives, tear gas and knuckle-dusters, violently attacked and wounded the dissidents. Those wounded were taken to hospital.

Upon learning of the brutality of the MOIS operatives, the Police cancelled the meeting and arrested a number of the assailants.

As such, this meeting, which was in reality a cover for the conspiracies hatched by the MOIS against political refugees and a staging ground for planning terrorist actions against Iranian dissidents, degenerated into a disgrace and a humiliating defeat for the mullahs’ regime and its agents outside Iran. The episode further exposed the role of the mullahs’ President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the MOIS in conspiring against political refugees and Iranian dissidents.

Those involved in today’s attack included Jahangir Shadanlou, Masoud Khodabandeh and his wife, Anne Singleton, Javad Firouzmand, Mehdi Khoshhal, Ali Qashqavi, Mohammad Hossein Sobhani and Hadi Shams Haeri. Equipped with knives, knuckle-dusters and tear gas, the MOIS agents were poised to assault and injure the dissidents.

The incident demonstrated once again that giving free reins to Tehran’s operatives by certain French security services only emboldens them in resorting to brutality against political refugees and setting the stage for terrorist actions. Ironically, the agents who had ostensibly gathered in Paris to protect refugees used knives to attack and seriously injure the political refugees who had gone to the location.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the French government and other European countries to act consistent with the April 1997 decision of the Council of Ministers of the European Union and thwart Tehran’s intelligence agents from entering or leaving France’s territory. It should also prevent French security services from facilitating and cooperating with these agents, and not allow the religious fascism ruling Iran to spread its repression of Iranian dissidents to the streets of Paris.

The Iranian Resistance also urges the French judiciary to prosecute the operatives of the Iranian regime who violently attacked and wounded Iranian dissidents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 17, 2007