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Brave youths of Tehran clashed with suppressive forces

arch 8 Demonstration- No 4

Female suppressive agents used to arrest women in demonstrations

NCRI – During the protest of March 8 in Tehran, the brave youths clashed with the regime’s suppressive agents in Sadeghieh. A big number of demonstrators were arrested and transferred in buses to suppression centers.


There were a big number of protesters on the streets and alleys and circle of Arya-Shahr. Suppressive forces, especially the ant-riot guard, were stationed on the streets as people started their protests; however, more forces were dispatched after the dark.
Protest gatherings were still going on after 21:00 in locations such as Arya-Shahr and Azadi, Ferdowsi and Haft-e Tir squares.

At 20:30, the suppressive forces started shooting into the air aimed at dispersing the crowd in the Jamalzadeh Ave. and nearby side streets.

Plain-clothes agents attacked, beat and wounded the crowd who were on Enghelab Ave. up to Azadi sq.

At 19:00, the regime’s plain-clothes and intelligence agents were taking pictures and films of the demonstrators who were marching from Enghelab Ave. toward Navvab in order to intimidate and identify them.

There were also a heavy crowd of brave youths and women on Salsabil Ave. who took part in today’s protest gatherings.

Protest gatherings and demonstrations took place while brave women were attacked by various suppressive forces including female agents and Bassij forces.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 9, 2011