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Clerical Regime’s Female Intelligence Agent Seduces Gholamreza Mansouri and Lures Him to Romania, Leaves the Country Immediately After Mansouri’s Arrest


NCRI-50Through its known and covert agents and operatives, the clerical regime has been trying to portray the murder of the corrupt judge Gholamreza Mansouri, who had fled to Romania as a suicide. The regime is doing so to evade the dire consequence of committing murder and international terrorism in Europe. This is similar to the regime’s scenario in the plot to bomb the major international gathering of Iranians in Paris on June 30, 2018. The Iranian regime had ordered its agents to disseminate the lie that the plot had been an inside job.

After returning Mansouri’s body and file to Tehran, other aspects of terrorist conduct and entrapment tactics of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) are coming to light.

  • Mansouri left Iran for Turkey and France. Farnaz Eftekhari, a female agent of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security stationed in France, who had already been in contact with Mansouri, befriended him. She was identifying herself as a student of the Free Islamic University of Tehran, who had moved to France ostensibly to continue her studies. Eftekhari provided Mansouri with a mobile phone and a SIM Card.
  • Mansouri traveled with her by land from France to Germany and then to Austria and from there to Romania. They were in a Romanian coastal town called Constance in late February 2020.
  • After Mansouri was arrested in Romania, she left Romania immediately on Friday, June 12, and returned to France.
  • Farnaz Eftekhari’s social media account until the day before Mansouri’s death introduced her as a resident of Paris, a graduate of the Islamic Azad University in the north of Tehran. The day before Mansouri was killed, Eftekhari’s photo was removed from the account, and the letter E replaced Eftekhari. Ten days later, on July 1, the name of this account changed again, and “Farnaz” became “Sahar.”

Entrapment by female agents is a well-known MOIS operando, which has already been exposed inside and outside Iran, including in Norway (See NCRI statement, October 23, 2018).

The United Nations should assign an international commission to conduct a comprehensive investigation into this case. Those responsible and perpetrators of this crime must be prosecuted and punished.

National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Security and Counterterrorism Committee

August 4, 2020



The account changed a day before Mansouri died


The altered account, ten days after Mansouri died. This account has been accessible until the time this statement was issued


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