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Hadi al-Ameri, terrorist in charge of the Badr group of the Qods force accompany al-Maliki on US visit

NCRI – During his visit to the United States and his meeting with President Obama, Nouri al-Maliki has a number of terrorists and mercenaries of the religious dictatorship ruling Iran in his company.  One of them is Hadi al-Ameri, in charge of the Badr group in the Pasdaran Army who is currently al-Maliki’s Minister of Transport.
Hadi Farhan Abdollah al-Ameri (Abou Hassan al-Ameri) has been involved, during several decades, in hundreds of terrorist operations.  He has married an Iranian who lives, along with his children, in Iran.  He has a residence in the Mofateh compound in Tehran, a housing compound devoted to commanders of the Qods force and the Ramadhan garrison belonging to the Pasdaran Army.

During the Iran-Iraq war, al-Ameri was among the personnel of the Pasdaran Army’s ground forces.  He was assigned operations’ commander of the Badr 9 force after the force was founded on orders of Khomeiny. Since the 1991 war in Kuwait, the mullahs’ regime bestowed the responsibility of terrorist operations inside Iraq especially against the PMOI and its bases to Hadi al-Ameri.
He had a principal role in the planning and execution of some 150 terrorist operations aiming the PMOI during the period 1992-2003 causing a large number of dead and wounded.
In 2002 the mullahs’ regime put him in charge of the terrorist Badr force.  He has completed military command and staff courses in the Pasdaran Army’s university named Emam Hossein.
After the downfall of the former Iraqi government, Hadi al-Ameri continued to work under the command of the Qods force, traveling continuously to Iran to report his work and get fresh instructions and orders.  He maintains continuous contact with Ghassem Soleimani, commander of the Qods force, as well as with Iraj Masjedi and Ahmad Forouzandeh, both military commanders of the Pasdaran Army’s garrison of Ramadhan.  He has played a vital role in establishing Iran’s Pasdaran Army and Qods force’s control over Iraqi security, military and administrative apparatus.
According to documents obtained from inside the Pasdaran Army by the Iranian Resistance, Hadi al-Ameri receives a monthly pay of around 260.000 Toumans, the equivalent of that of a brigadier general in the Pasdaran Army, under the salary code 3829597 and maintains an account number 3014 to this end.
Hadi al-Ameri founded an organ named Central Apparatus in the Iraqi Ministery of Interior during the years 2005 and 2006 which engages in physical liquidation of those opposing Iranian regime’s dominance over Iraq.
In 2006, on orders by the Qods force, and by engaging experienced commanders of the Badr force, he organized terror networks acting against American troops.  The network uses IEDs, sniper rifles and different missiles against US forces.
Confidential documents from inside the Qods force cite “Abou Hassan al-Ameri’s most serious mission” the “annihilation of PMOI”.  In April 2006 the Qods force and the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Iraq Kazemi Qomi charged Hadi al-Ameri with working to expel the PMOI from Iraq through the Iraqi Parliament.
In March 2007, under al-Ameri’s leadership, deputies in relation with the Iranian regime discussed a plan to establish Iraqi forces around camp Ashraf in order to control Iraqis willing to visit the camp.  Hadi al-Ameri accompanied a seven people committee in a meeting with Javad al-Boulani, Iraqi Minister of Interior, asking for the repression of camp Ashraf by the Ministry of Interior.  At the same time, he affirmed during a private meeting of Badr on the plan to “annihilate Ashraf residents”: “As a first step we should take back control over Ashraf from the Americans and bar all visits to the camp, then bring up legal cases against a number of them and force the remaining to return to Iran or leave Ashraf.”
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 12, 2011