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Iran-Iraq: Maryam Rajavi condemns Samarra bombing

Maryam Rajavi condemns Samarra bombingNCRI – Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, condemned the bombing and terrorist attack on the shrine of Imam Ali an-Naghi and Imam Hassan al-Askari (the 10th and 11th Shiite Imams) in Samarra, Iraq.

“The religious fascists ruling Iran have realized that they are the losers in the nuclear issue, and in the progress of the political process and formation of a national unity government in Iraq. They have, therefore, found it in their interests to wreak havoc in Iraq and to escalate sectarian conflict. When the cartoon controversy does not suffice, the mullahs resort to bombings, terrorism and massacre," Mrs. Rajavi said. 

Mrs. Rajavi offered her condolences to all Muslims, especially Shiites and the people of Iraq and Iran. She said, “This bitter tragedy is certainly condemned by all freedom-loving people worldwide, and can only be exploited by the Iranian regime, which is trying to sow discord in Iraq. The people of Iraq are fully aware of this regime’s criminal modus oprandi.”

Some 2.8 million Iraqis noted last April that "sowing discord among religions and ethnicities" are among the obvious aims of the Iranian regime. 
Last July a tri-party conference in Iraq, attended by a European Parliament delegation, democratic forces in Iraq, and the People’s Mojahedin, reiterated that "while the Shiites, the Sunnis, the Arabs and the Kurds, have lived in peace and harmony in Iraq for years, the Iranian regime foments terrorism and sheds the blood of the innocent in Iraq by spending great sums of money."

Mrs. Rajavi also noted the clerical regime’s disgraceful record in the bombing of Imam Reza’s shrine in Mashad, Iran, in 1994, which Ali Khamenei, the regime’s Supreme Leader, and other leaders of the Iranian regime took advantage of for their own ends, and called for vigilance among all Muslims, in particular Shiites, vis-à-vis the Iranian regime’s schemes to foment conflict among Iraqis.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 23, 2006