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Iran: Twenty-one hangings, death sentences in three days

Iran: Twenty-one hangings, death sentences in three daysDissidents arrested in Southern uprisings receive death sentences

NCRI – The clerical regime in Iran has intensified the wave of executions and suppression in an attempt to stem the tide of popular uprisings.  In the past three days, the state-run media have reported four hangings and 17 death sentences issued for prisoners.

Reports indicate that on February 20, two young men, Abdi and Ali, were hanged in the southwestern city of Andimeshk prison. A 22-year-old was also executed in the northwestern city of Ardabil.

The head of the regime’s judiciary on February 20 announced, “Two prisoners have received death sentences for participating in the Ahwaz bombings and five others will receive sentences shortly.”

On February 19, an appellate court of the regime approved a death sentence for Mostafa Rasoul-Nia who was arrested during the Mahabad uprising. The regime’s Supreme Court has also approved a death sentence for a political prisoner in Sanandaj. Two other political prisoners have disappeared from Sanandaj and Zanjan jails since February 20.

On February 20, the regime’s Supreme Court issued a death sentence for a prisoner in Bojnoord and on the same day the Intelligence Ministry reported the execution of Khalid Hardani for hijacking a plane.  In Ghazvin a man was executed for “corruption on earth” and a sentence for two executions was issued for another prisoner in Isfahan for alleged armed rubbery.

The Judiciary issued death sentences to a 20-year-old, a 45-year-old Khan-Ali, 33-year-old Gholam-Reza, and 36-year-old Abbas. In addition, the regime’s Supreme Court approved another death sentence.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the UN Security Council, Human Rights Commission, High Commissioner for Human Rights, and other human rights organizations to the increasing trend of executions in Iran. The Iranian Resistance also calls for referral of the violations of human rights in Iran to the UN Security Council for immediate action.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 23, 2006