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Iran News: Protests Erupt Across Iran as Economic Hardships Intensify

Thousands of retirees gathered in front of the Budget and Planning Organization in Tehran today, June 11, protesting low pensions and unmet basic needs. The demonstrators chanted, “We have only heard lies, we have seen no justice,” expressing their frustration with the government’s unfulfilled promises.

In a similar protest, retired employees from the government, telecommunications sector, and the Social Security Organization rallied in Kermanshah, western Iran. The protesters reiterated their demands for higher pensions and an improvement in living conditions, condemning the ongoing economic difficulties and high inflation.

Contractor workers from Isfahan Petrochemical staged a protest over unpaid wages. The workers have not received their due salaries and are demanding immediate payment, highlighting the financial struggles faced by many in the petrochemical industry.

Dismissed workers from the Arghavan Petrochemical company in Ilam held a protest rally, calling for policy changes to ensure local employment. The workers, who have been laid off, are demanding the government take action to provide job security for the local population.

In addition to these protests, political prisoners across various prisons in Iran have entered their twentieth week of a hunger strike campaign known as “Tuesdays Against Executions.” Inmates from Evin, Ghezel Hesar, Karaj Central, Khorramabad, Khoy, Naqadeh, Mashhad, and Saqqez prisons have joined the strike, protesting the regime’s continued use of the death penalty.

The strikers issued a statement emphasizing the regime’s ongoing repression and executions, even amidst the electoral period. They accused the regime of ramping up crackdowns on activists and issuing severe sentences to suppress dissent.

Recent reports also revealed the tragic death of Farhad Beygi Grousi, a Kurdish citizen from Sahneh in Kermanshah province. Farhad, who was arrested during the nationwide protests in 2021, committed suicide in protest against continuous harassment and repeated summons by security agencies threatening to transfer him to Evin Prison. His death underscores the severe pressure faced by political detainees in Iran.