Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Who is who?

Who’s who in Iran’s intertwined, corrupt and complex state of politics?

It is often said that “people are policy,” so when politicians, analysts, or reporters try to better understand a government’s decisions, they generally need to learn about its personnel first. Whether elected or selected, these officials can reveal a lot about the intentions of a government and its roadmap for the path ahead.

Such insight is especially important when it comes to the Iranian regime. Considering decades of censorship, the serious lack of freedom of expression, and the existence of dozens of state-funded disinformation organizations and campaigns, the data that has been put on the internet cannot be trusted one hundred percent, and the accuracy of reports from foreign intelligence agencies cannot be taken for granted.

The rulers in Iran are masters of deception and their records have never been transparent. But the National Council of Resistance (NCRI) has a proven record of identifying and exposing the regime’s malign activities and the people behind them. This page (who’s who) aims to provide information about the people who hold power in Tehran and it also offers clues about their future intentions.