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Iran: political prisoner “Ali Moezzi” congratulates the victorious relocation of PMOI


NCRI – In a message from Evin prison, “Ali Moezzi” the political prisoner and father of two PMOI (MEK) members, congratulates the triumphant relocation of PMOI (MEK) members from camp liberty in Iraq to European countries.

Mr. Moezzi has been arrested several times by Iranian regime for supporting PMOI (MEK) while being under extreme mental and physical torture. He was last arrested in Spring 2011 and is now behind bars in Ewin prison.

In a message from prison, Mr. Moezzi congratulated the relocation of PMOI (MEK) members and said:” This is a historical victory of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. Congratulations to Iranian people and all members of PMOI (MEK) and their forever-up-and-alert leaders for this auspicious victory.”

He continues: “More than a decade of endurance and unbeatable courage against food and medical siege, being harassed by loudspeakers, successive atrocious attacks, sabotage in relocation process and extreme intolerable pressures finally came to fruition, thwarting all anti-people and anti-national conspiracies to crack down on PMOI (MEK) members in Ashraf. These are the same conspiracies previously applied against the constitutional movement and the jungle movement fighters.”

“Thanks god that PMOI (MEK) members, while maintaining their unity and remaining in one piece, were eventually settled in a more preferable base and a higher launch pad.

This is the response from a “thousand Ashraf” slogan and the result of going through ‘furnace’ by a pure and dedicated leader, “Maryam” the rising sun!

Hoping that this historical triumph of Iranian struggle for freedom is going to be auspicious for all Iranian people, their PMOI (MEK) and its forever-up-and-alert leaders.

This will undoubtedly provide more space for the vanguards of the dawn of freedom of the Iranian people.

Ali Moezzi from quarantine ward of Evin prison

September 10, 2016