Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Iran: More job losses and factory closures across Iran

NCRI – One of Iran’s largest tile and ceramic factories has been forced into closure with the loss of 400 jobs in the latest evidence of the regime’s crumbling economy.

Many of the redundant workers at the Sanem tile factory in Boroujerd have quit with two and half months unpaid wages, according to reports.

One labor official said bosses had blamed the closure on tumbling revenue and lack of raw materials.

He told the state-run ISNA news agency that although workers had made contributions to their redundancy insurance, no money was being paid back to them.

He added: “Non-payment of the factory’s bills including electricity, gas and phone has caused great problems for the factory. Telephone lines there have been disconnected for years.”

An alloy and iron melting factory in the city of Malayer has also expelled 50 of its workers and delayed the salaries of 300 others for four months.

One report stated: “The melting section of this factory is currently half closed due to the lack of raw materials.”

Meanwhile, 20 workers at the Khomeini Hospital in the city of Zabol have now gone 16 months without pay

The ISNA news agency said: “20 male and female service employees at this hospital have been hired like contract workers despite working there full time. And due to the negligence of Medical Science University officials in Zabol, these employees have not been paid for 16 months.

“The workers’ insurance contributions have also not been refunded,” the agency said.