Friday, February 3, 2023
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Christians arrested on Christmas Day in Iran: Report


Nine Christians were arrested in a house church in Iran on Christmas day and transferred to an unknown location, according to reports.

Members of Basij paramilitary force and armed plainclothes agent raided the house in the city of Roudehen in Tehran province.

Mehdi Kian, Ali Sadraddin, Mohammad Kazemi, Azin Faroudi, Mohammad Hossein Moridian, Maryam Narimani, Alireza Nasiri, Brother Matin are among those arrested.

The clerical regime in Iran continued human rights abuses in Iran during Christmas.

At dawn of the 25th December, on Christmas day when hundred of millions of people around the world were celebrating the birth of the Christ, the barbaric regime of Iran hanged 7 people in mass execution in Shiraz.

In a message on Wednesday, December 25, on the occasion of Christmas, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, called the clerical regime masking itself by Islam as the most ruthless enemy of Christ and Mohammad that in the name of religion they splash acid on the eyes of women, hang the youth, imprison the newly Christian converts, and violate their most rudimentary rights.

They are henchmen that execute and torture people for their religious beliefs, especially for following the true message of Mohammad and Christ, and impose the worst discriminations and atrocities.