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Crime Against Humanity: New Book on Iran Regime’s Massacre of the Mujahedin-E Khalq MEK Presented at European Parliament

Crime against Humanity is a book containing the names of over 5,000 victims of the 1988 massacre in Iran

A new book “Crime Against Humanity” by , and for all the oppression inflicted on the people of is a nationalist commitment. It is our commitment and our steadfast resolve to achieve freedom. It is a staunch pledge to overthrow the mullahs’ theocratic regime. of 30K political prisoners in (mainly activists) was held next to the National Assembly in . The largest massacre of this kind since WWII.

— NCRI-FAC (@iran_policy) October 30, 2019

Background to Iran’s 1988 massacre:

  • More than 30,000 political prisoners were massacred in Iran in the summer of 1988.
  • The massacre was carried out on the basis of a fatwa by Khomeini.
  • The vast majority of ofthe victims were activists of the opposition PMOI (MEK).
  • Death Commissions approved all the death sentences.
  • Ebrahim Raisi, a member of the Death Commissions, is today Iran’s Judiciary Chief.
  • Alireza Avaei, a member of the Death Commissions, is today Hassan Rouhani’s Justice Minister.
  • The perpetrators of the 1988 massacre have never been brought to justice.
  • On August 9, 2016, an audiotape was published for the first time of Khomeini’s former heir acknowledging that the 1988 massacre took place and had been ordered at the highest levels.