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Executions in Iran carried out to ‘maintain’ theocracy


After 37 years in power two attributes of Iran’s regime have not and will never change: the export of chaos, terrorism and fundamentalism throughout the region and repression of all dissent inside the country, an Iranian political activist wrote on Wednesday in the Middle East Online.

“Iran is becoming more and more defiant each day in hanging men and women, especially the youth, before the eyes of the entire world,” Heshmat Alavi wrote. “The question is how and why is Tehran daring to carry out such horrific crimes despite being condemned more than 60 times in the United Nations?! We must seek the answer from the European Troika and the US government, the innovators of the appeasement policy and human rights (!) talks with the dictatorship ruling Iran.”

“Truly, why don’t the mullahs simply carry out these executions in prison, far from public view? The answer is that Iran is using a weapon far more effective than traditional repression. In one word, this weapon destroys any and all sense of humanity, and takes an entire society as its hostage. After 37 years in power two things have never and will never change: firstly, the export of chaos, terrorism and fundamentalism throughout the region, and secondly, wave after wave of repression against all dissent inside the country.”

“These two are acting as the regime’s pillars and fundamental elements of the mullahs’ rule inside Iran. Therefore, be it Hassan Rouhani boasting about reforms and ., or the regime’s extremist factions calling themselves the ‘principalists’, the mullahs’ regime will never stop its crackdown and export of terrorism and fundamentalism. This is the one red line and common denominator amongst all of the regime’s internal factions.”

Some 2,000 people have been sent to the gallows in Iran ever since Hassan Rouhani came to power, being the highest rate of executions per capita in the world, Mr. Alavi said.

“Coinciding with these executions, the Iranian regime is now taking measures in amputating inmates’ hands and feet in prison. Amnesty International considers the trend of executions in Iran as an increasing and ‘staggering execution spree’.”

United Nations High Commissioner Prince Zeid al-Hussein said in his inaugurating speech on Monday, September 14th opening the UN Human Rights Commission session in Geneva: “Accelerated use of the death penalty, concerns about the right to a fair trial, and the continued detention of journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders remain major causes for concern.”

Executions, threats and murder of political and religious dissidents in Iran continue overtly and covertly, officially and through clandestine measures, the article in the Middle East Online noted.

“Many political prisoners in Iran have lost their lives as authorities are depriving them of medical care. This includes cases such as Mr. Mohsen Dogmechi, a supporter of the opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, and Mrs. Hoda Saber.”

“Suspicious deaths have also been witnessed in Iran’s prisons, especially the ward of political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran, including Misters Amir Hossein Heshmat Saran, Mansour Radpour and Afshin Osanlou.”

“The latest such case of sudden and suspicious deaths was in the death of political prisoner Shahrokh Zamani on Sunday, September 13 in the ward of political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison.”

“Now, the question is why does the Iranian regime carry out executions in public and in the middle of the street? Why do authorities keep the body hanging there at the site for hours? Why execute prisoners before the eyes of horrified people? Why are executions carried out before wives and children? While executions in and of itself are horrific in nature, but truly why doesn’t Iran at least carry out these atrocities behind the walls of its prisons, far from the eyes of the public?”

“These questions direct us to the unparalleled and completely medieval mentality found only in the mullahs ruling Iran, and they have taken the entire Iranian society as their hostage by cementing a climate of fear throughout the country. With state TV showing bodies hanging from cranes and street poles on a daily basis, this reign of terror is seen spreading throughout the society. This makes it obvious why ISIS feels free to show an innocent man being beheaded and posting such appalling footage on the Internet. ISIS and other extremist groups have learnt all this from the rulers in Tehran.”

“Fundamentalists, with Tehran’s mullahs topping the list, are attempting to impose their reactionary mentality to the entire society, and literally destroy any and all sense of freedom. Through such means the regime prevents any protests and social rallies. This is the reason behind the public executions, beheadings and burnings, either by the Iranian regime, ISIS, or Boko Haram.”

Over the centuries, human rights have been achieved at a heavy cost.

“Therefore, guarding and protecting these ideals, and guaranteeing these priceless values are a must for all governments. Respecting human rights in Iran must be a fundamental pillar to establish international relations with the Iranian regime. Otherwise rest assured that not only the Iranian people’s basic rights will remain neglected, it will also be an insult by these governments to their respective nations and all their values.”

“Western governments, with America topping the list, must not sacrifice humane values and political principles for the sake of short-term political and economic interests,” he added.