Friday, December 8, 2023
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Flogging Sentence for Iron Ore Mine Striker Confirmed


NCRI – According to lawyer of Bafgh Iron Ore strikers, flogging sentence for one of them has been confirmed.

In an interview with state-run ILNA news agency, Mohammad-ali Jedari-foroughi, lawyer of Mohammad-Hassan Tashakori and a number of other Bafgh Iron Ore workers, announced that Tashakori’s sentence, tried and sentenced to flogging for complicity in disrupting order, was changed on appeal, but his suspended flogging sentence was confirmed.

According to Jedari-forughi, Mohammad-Hassan Tashakori was sentenced to 11 months’ imprisonment and 50 lashes, to be suspended for five years. The sentence was however changed by appeals court to 18-million-rials fine, six months’ imprisonment, 30 lashes, and suspension of flogging for two years.

Bafgh Iron Ore workers, located in Yazd province, who had started striking about three years ago to fulfill their labor demands, were sentenced to imprisonment and suspended flogging after being sued by their employer.

The workers had demanded payment of their overdue salaries and that their health and safety at work be addressed, but nine of them were sentenced by court to imprisonment and suspended flogging in June 2016, for disrupting order and preventing mining operations.

The sentence, followed by carrying out another one related to Agh-ghale Gold Mine strikers in West Azerbaijan province, led to a lot of criticism among civil rights and labor activists.

Jedari-Foroughi also said that “although fogging sentence for a number of other Bafgh Iron Ore workers have been changed to fine, but Tahsakori’s has been confirmed.”