Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Iran: Confession of a State Mullah to the Execution of Innocent People


NCRI – A member of the Iranian regime’s parliament referring to the regime’s judiciary emphasizing on more executions and that 5,300 people are in death row in the regime’s prisons, said: “The smuggler who has 500 (billion dollars) capital in Tehran and elsewhere is released, but we will execute the poor porter.”

Mullah Hassan Norouzi, the regime’s parliamentary commission representative, addressing Undersecretary General of the National Drug Control Headquarters (Ali Mouayedi), said: “Mr. Mouayedi said, give us time, we gave 10 months to a program, they did not give us a hit. They can just tell us that we’re executing. We say you are executing, but who are you executing? Mr. Mouayedi, how many international smugglers have you executed? Why do you want to execute porters and innocent people and why do you want to execute 5,300 people who are in prison?”

He added: “When did we say that the execution would be lifted… We did not say the death penalty would be eliminated. We said that you would have to execute someone who deserves to be executed. That trafficker, who has 500 capitals in Tehran and elsewhere, is freed by strong attorneys, but a poor porter man who has 35 grams of industrial materials cannot defend himself and have a lawyer gets executed, for what?”