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Iran: mullahs’ regime attacked a group of Christians in Isfahan

church150NCRI – On July 26, a group of plain-clothes agents of the notorious Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) raided a Christian house-church in the small township of Malak in the suburbs of the central city of Isfahan. They arrested a number of worshipers singing in group prayers. 

The house-church was led by a Christian believer named Mr. (A) and Ms (R)   in the “Malak Shahr Isfahan”, it was reported that during the baptizing of new believers and praying for a few sick people, the MOIS agents raided the house beating the worshipers and arresting eight men, 6 women and two children. The victims were transferred to an unknown location.

There were also two elderly worshipers believed to be in their 60s were present at the ceremony. The suppressive security forces paid no heed to the couple's age and subjected them to severe harassment. Later these two senior citizens were taken to the Shariati Hospital in Isfahan where they were hospitalized in ICU.

 The MOIS agents thoroughly searched the house for forbidden Christian books and literatures.

According to reports from Isfahan, the MOIS official at the scene were outraged when they found that Mr. A, the owner and host of the ceremony, was a pilgrim to Mecca and was named hajji and participated in the eight year Iran-Iraq war.

Suppressing followers of other faiths has been an inhuman practice by the mullahs' regime in the past three decades.

On October 1, 2006, the mullahs' security forces arrested the late Rev. Mahdi Dibaj's daughter and her husband for following Christ's teachings in a house-church in the holy city of Mashhad. The Rev. Dibaj was murdered on July 5, 1994 by the agents of the MOIS in a Tehran park. His conversion to Christianity caused mullahs' rage which led to his murder.