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Iran: Prison’s Mafia Gang Attack Political Prisoners


NCRI – After being brutally attacked and beaten by the Iranian regime’s mafia gang, the political prisoners in Zahedan Prison (South Western Iran) were taken by the prison officers to the prison’s non-political and dangerous wards.

According to reports, the attack took place at 19:30 on October 19, during which a yelling and swearing mafia gang attacked two political prisoners in ward 4 of Zahedan Central Prison. The political prisoner Hamzeh Rigi was beaten in the attack and ended up with an injured face.

According to the report, a number of non-political prisoners in the ward who were too angry about the mercenaries’ conduct, began to defend the political prisoners by fighting the attackers. Following the attack, two of the non-political prisoners, Ebrahim Shahozehi and Ghasem Ekrami, who were trying to defend the political prisoners were also taken to the quarantine ward of Zahedan Prison to be tortured.

Besides, Hamzeh Rigi who was beaten by the mafia gang was also transferred to ward 6, better known as ‘the newcomers ward’, where most dangerous non-political and addicted prisoners are held for a short time.

The prison’s mafia gang boss is someone named Hossein Khajeh who is also the interior director at the prison. He is one of the torturers in Zahedan Prison who has a lot of hatred towards Baluch political prisoners.