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Iran: Three prisoners hanged in Qazvin prison

The Iranian regime hanged three prisoners on Tuesday (7 January 2014) in the main prison in the city of Qazvin.

The three prisoners were not identified. The state-run media reported that they had been imprisoned on drug related charges.

Since the beginning of 2013 till December 31, execution of at least 660 prisoners was registered in Iran with 430 of them executed after the June 14 election.

This is while news on many executions never finds its way out of the prisons.

Twenty-five of those executed were women.

Public execution of two young men of 20 and 23 years old for stealing the equivalent of 35 Euros, execution of three youngsters who were 12, 15 and 17 years old at the time of their arrests, hanging a bleeding 28 year old who a few hours prior to his execution had committed suicide, hanging the body of a 23 year old in Zahedan who had already died a few hours back of a heart attack, hanging of Ms. Geitei Marami, 34, whose body was bleeding due to 100 lashes she received prior to her execution, emphasizing on the execution of a wretched prisoner who had come alive after his execution in the mortuary, are but a minute segment of mullahs’ regime record replete with crimes in 2013.

On December 11, head of regime’s judiciary system Mullah SadeqLarijani called reports by international bodies on degrading condition of human rights in Iran as fabricated and prejudiced and said: “Opposing the death sentence is opposing Islam’s orders.”