Friday, February 3, 2023
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Last Message of Syrian Girl Lina Shami From Aleppo

NCRI – In a message from Aleppo, young Syrian girl Lina Shami asked for help from people around the world to do something to save them. This message is in English and published widely on social networks.

Lina Shami: “To all those who hear my voice: We are facing genocide here in East Aleppo. This might be my last video message. More than 50 thousand civilians who have risen up and resisted against Assad’s dictatorship are facing the threat of execution or being killed in the bombing.”

According to activists, more than 180 people, who (left Aleppo and) went to the areas under the control of Assad regime, were executed by Assad forces or their allied militants.

The civilians are taken to an area of less than 2 square kilometer. They have no protection and are exposed to bombing. Every bomb means a slaughter. Save Aleppo. Save humanity.