Thursday, September 21, 2023
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The Flogged Students were threatened by agents of the Iran regime.

NCRI – Subsequent to widespread coverage of barbaric flogging of school children in central Iran province – Kerman, on social networks and revelation of the Iranian regime’s repressive measures against the students, regime officials of the Ministry of Education threatened students and their families that if they do not deny the flogging news, they will be expelled from school forever, and because of this Intimidation some of them denied their previous revelations.

Following is the news.

Iran: Flogging students because of inability to pay tuition + Video

In an inhuman act by the clerical regime ruling Iran, the principal of a school in a village in Kerman province (southern Iran) flogged a number of students because of their parents inability to pay 300 thousands rials (~$10) tuition fee and expelled them from the school.

The state-run Tabnak website reported on October 9: “There are schools across the country where school officials severely punish the students for their inability to pay tuition fee. For example, the principal of a school in ‘Mokhtar Abad’ village in ‘Roudbar Jonoub (South Roudbar)’ county in Kerman province flogged the students for the ‘crime!’ of poverty and expelled them from school.” 

“After reminding the students several times to pay 300,000 rials to help the school and the students’ inability to pay [extortion] money, the school principal ‘M.M.’ punished the students who were unable to pay the tuition fee by flogging them 8 times and expelling them from the school,” the state-run news agency wrote.

The families of some of the students confirmed that their children were “punished” and “protested against the pressure imposed by the schools to receive money” from the parents. They said that their “poor economic condition does not allow them to help schools meet the costs.”

According to a video clip published on the internet on October 8, several schoolgirls first introduce themselves and then reveal that they were “flogged” by the school principal.

According to state-run media, families of the students who do not even have the money to buy stationery and school supplies for their children are forced to sell their household or borrow money to provide the 300 thousand rials to the school principal.

Flogging the students whose parents are financially unable to help the schools and pay “tuition fee” money, is an unprecedented inhuman treatment towards students by the plunderer regime of mullahs ruling Iran not seen anywhere else in the world.