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A Moving Online Conference “Stand With Aleppo”

NCRI – On Sunday November 6, 2016 a massive online campaign was held in support of the children in the resistance city of Aleppo.

In this campaign with #StandwithAleppo hashtag in social media, in addition to support provided by people from various countries, children and people of Aleppo in documentary reports explained the deteriorating humanitarian situation of the city under siege by Assad troops and Khamenei’s dispatched agents and mercenaries.

Bana Al-Abed, 7-year-old Syrian girl along with her mother gave live testimony in the social media about the situation in Aleppo.

In addition, Dr. Farideh, a pediatrician in Aleppo, described the plight of children and babies and while pointing out the serious consequences of lack of food and milk, explained the efforts of doctors and nurses in Aleppo to take care of these children. 

 She said: “This siege is imposed on us by the Assad regime, Iran regime and Russia and all of them are killing us daily through food blockade and hunger (as well as bombing). I hope the [Syrian opposition] Combatants break the siege soon and bring food for the babies and children.”