Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Eyewitness Report from Aleppo

NCRI – In an interview with Freedom channel 2 teachers of Aleppo stipulated that this city is in critical condition and the interference and crimes of the Mullahs’ regime are increasing in Syria.

The followings are the parts of this interview:

Abdulkafi al-Hamdu: we are in the old city of Aleppo and we want to see how the Iranian and Russian regimes meddle in Syria. The situation has become more critical and the Iranian regime had complicity in the war against the Syrian people from the first day and Assad’s regime is like a puppet on their hands. Of course, Iran does so in the wars.

Wesam Zarqa: there is a war going on and they are trying to lay the siege more and more. Some forces have come from Iraq and they get paid by the Iranian regime. Iran’s regime persuades the forces to fight by giving them religious reasoning. What benefit do they get by fighting against the people who pursue freedom and justice?

Abdulkafi: the Iranian regime always exports the internal problems of the country to the external borders so that the Iranian people forget about the political, economic problems as well as the repressions implemented by the regime. The regime wants to exert the same repression on the Syrian People. The people of Syria have been under the suppression of Assad’s government and his family since this government very much depends on the Iranian regime.

Wisma: I hope that Iranian people obtain freedom and those who seek their own benefit do not rule them. All nations shall be friends with each other.

The other news from Russia signifies that the war crimes are going on by continuous attacks on the residential areas of different cities in Syria. During the attacks 10, people were killed and injured.

These attacks took place in the suburban parts of Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib and Homs. In one of the attacks, Assad’s troops targeted a kindergarten with artillery shells in the town of Harasta located on the eastern outskirts of Damascus.
According to the Syrian opposition media, 8 children died and many other were injured during the attack.

UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF issued a statement against the attacks and it called for the immediate cessation of attacks against civilian installations such as schools, preschools, and medical facilities.

On the other hand, Assad’s regime targeted the eastern suburb of Damascus with napalm bombs on Monday. As Orient News reported, many houses were destroyed and a huge fire started during the attacks. The Russian warplanes targeted the residential areas of Aldana located on the northern outskirts of Idlib, which resulted in the death of 11 civilians including the women and children on Sunday. During these attacks, the cameraman of Orient News Agency was injured.