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Free Syrian Army Commander: Iranian Regime’s Agents Are Main Violators of Syria Ceasefire


NCRI – On Sunday, January 8, in an interview with Simay-e Azadi TV, Mustafa Baru, a commander of Free Syrian Army who is a signatory to the nationwide Syria ceasefire as the representative of Syrian fighters stressed that the Iranian regime’s agents are the main culprit for violation of cease-fire.

Baru said “Naturally, there’s an ongoing truce violation and the reason is the presence of different kinds of militias in Syria. Currently, Assad’s regime is by no means ruling over Syria. Assad is not even ruling over the regions that are under his control. Rather, these regions are being dominated by the militias and bands that have divided these areas among themselves.”

When asked about the continuation of the Syrian revolution despite all the crimes perpetrated against the Syrian people by Assad regime and its backers, in particular the Iranian regime, he maintained “the revolution will not stop until the day the Syrian people are able to choose by themselves who will be going to rule on them and live a free and dignified life.”  “We have not sacrificed millions of martyrs, wounded, disabled and refugees only to go back to Assad’s era,” he underscored.

On the solidarity of Iranian people and resistance with the Syrian revolution, Mustafa Baru said “we are in solidarity with you and we know how hard it is for you when you hear we suffer losses here and there. Thank you and thank everyone who prays for our victory. Thanks to everyone who is standing by the revolution of Syrian oppressed people. Thanks to the Iranian resistance and People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) that have risen up against the rule of the Mullahs’ in Iran.”