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Monday’s Iran Mini Report – April 1, 2019

Monday's Iran Mini Report - April 1, 2019

• 5 More Die in Floods in Iran

People across all of Iran’s 31 provinces are bracing for continued flood warnings, especially on Monday. Rains and thunderstorms are especially reported in the country’s western provinces.

At least five people were killed in the fresh floods that swept Iran’s western Lorestan province on Sunday.

Heavy rains and subsequent floods in Lorestan caused damage to infrastructure, including the residential buildings, bridges and roads.

Sanandaj in Kurdstan Province is on high alert.

Commuting for vehicles in certain areas have been banned and locals are warned away from these regions. All flights in and out of Sanandaj have also been cancelled.

There are similar warnings issued for Khuzestan Province.

• MEK Resistance Units providing aid to flood-hit people

Following recent floods that have devastated Iran and in response to a message issued by Iranian Opposition President Maryam Rajavi, members of the MEK’s Resistance Units are collecting aid for flood victims.

Resistance Units are a network directly associated to the Iranian opposition group MEK. The aid collected includes medicine, blankets, clothing, canned food and hygiene goods. These items are directly sent to people in need, knowing all regime institutions will only steal such goods.

• Hardline Cleric Claims ‘Khamenei Did Not Make A Single Mistake In 30 Years’

Hardline cleric Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi has claimed that the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has not made “even one single mistake during the past three decades as the leader of the Islamic Republic.”

Mesbah Yazdi said “It is strange that someone leads a nation for 30 years and faces the most complicated social problems and still does not make a mistake while other world leaders have committed numerous mistakes.”

His comments come while Iran under Khamenei ranks among the last countries in many areas. For instance, Iran ranks 164 among 180 nations in terms of media freedom according to Reporters Without Frontiers.

Meanwhile, his regime faces major economic crises due to his inability to resolve the country’s foreign relations deadlock.

Iran is also overwhelmed by widespread and systematic financial corruption. Recently the MP for Rasht said the anti-corruption campaign should start from Khamenei’s own household.

• Iran Sentences Labor Activist To Prison Without Access To Counsel

Labor activist Arsham Rezaei has been issued a total of 8.5 years in prison at a kangaroo trial that took place on March 15 without a lawyer and prior notice.

He was sentenced for “spreading propaganda against the state,” “assembly and collusion against national security” and “insulting the supreme leader.”

Arsham Rezaei was arrested on January 7, by agents of the Revolutionary Guards in Tehran and taken to Evin Prison.

• Mild Earthquake Jolts Area In Iran Hosting Nuclear Plant

An earthquake measuring 4.4 on the Richter scale has hit Khourmowj area near Bushehr, in southern Iran, on the Persian Gulf.

Earthquakes in Bushehr area are significant as the city hosts Iran’s nuclear power plant in a complex which is over four decades old.

Iranian sources have not reported on possible casualties.