Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Prominent Iraqi politician warns about the “Iranian occupation” of Iraq

More Iranian regime terrorist agents arrested in IraqNCRI – Abdol Ala al-Kazem, a prominent member of the al-Iraqiya List, the winner of March parliamentary elections in Iraq, described the Iranian regime in a TV interview as “an occupier,” adding that its extensive and “shameful” meddling continues all over Iraq.

In an interview with al-Hurra TV on Sunday, Mr. al-Kazem was asked whether “an Iranian occupation” is too strong of a term. He responded, “No. The Iranian regime’s meddling has spanned the entire region. But, with respect to Iraq specifically, the term meddling is insufficient. This term can properly be used to describe what the regime is doing in Yemen, the Persian Gulf and other countries. But, with regards to Iraq it is too weak of a term. The Iranian regime’s interference in Iraq’s internal affairs is vast, and that is why I am using the term occupation for it.”

“The Iranian regime’s meddling spans all aspects of the Iraqi government; it is extensive and shameful. The regime is openly working to deprive the al-Iraqiya List of its rights.”