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Tuesday’s Iran Mini Report – January 1, 2019

Tuesday's Iran Mini Report - January 1, 2019

• Tehran official vows “force” against Tehran’s street peddlers

A Tehran Municipality official said that they would use force against Tehran’s street peddlers.

Hamid Reza Tahsili, the head of the Tehran Industrial and Occupation Management Company affiliated with the Tehran Municipality said that he believed that some of Tehran’s street peddlers were mafias and had to be dealt with in an interview with the state-run ILNA news is noteworthy that due to Iran regime’s corrupt and bankrupt economy and wasting money on supporting terrorist proxies in the region many people have been forced to peddling to make their ends meet.

• Iran Declares Telegram Crypto Aspirations an Act Against National Security

The Iranian government has taken further steps against Telegram’s cryptocurrency development, the Tehran Times reports Dec. 31.

Secretary of the Criminal Content Definition Task Force Javad Javidnia has declared that any cooperation with the encrypted messaging app to launch its Gram token will be considered an act against national security and a disruption to the national economy. Javidnia stated:

“One of the most important factors in banning Telegram was a sense of serious economic threat from its activities, which was unfortunately marginalized and neglected due to the fuss in the political atmosphere of the country.”

Iran first banned the app in April when supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that government agencies would no longer use the app. The country’s judiciary subsequently forbade its use altogether. In December 2017, Iran temporarily blocked Telegram and photo-sharing app Instagram in order to “maintain peace” amid widespread protests.

 • Iran security forces clash with students at bus crash protest

Security forces clashed with students in Iran on Monday in the third day of protests over a deadly bus crash, online videos showed, adding to officials’ fears that rising public unrest could threaten national security.

A video on Twitter showed students at a campus in Tehran chanting slogans and demanding the resignation of the chairman of the university’s board of trustees, Ali Akbar Velayati, an aide to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

In recent months, Iran has experienced demonstrations in different cities as factory workers, teachers, truck drivers and farmers protested against economic hardship and corruption.

Sadeq Larijani, the chief of Iran Regime’s hardline judiciary, warned on Monday of a possible repeat of the 2009 protests, Iran’s biggest unrest in the last two decades. “The workers and students have legitimate demands … but they should be vigilant not to advance the enemies’ goals,”

• Farmers of Varzaneh, Isfahan, continue their protests over water shortages

On Monday, the farmers of Varzaneh, Isfahan province, returned to the streets to resume their protests over water shortages and government corruption in managing water sources.

The protesting farmers were chanting, “Rouhani you liar, what happened to our Zayandeh Rud”, “We will fight, we will die and we will take back our rights.”